Reiki (Usui)


Jane Livingston BA (hons), MGHT, MAR, Reiki I and II.

I attained Level II in Reiki in 2016, initiated by Reiki Master Ethel Kilroy, an inspirational and highly regarded and spiritual teacher. However it is only now that I have the opportunity to put my learning into practice.*

Reiki means Life Force Energy, and the Reiki practitioner calls upon this energy to be channelled through her to the client, allowing the client's own healing energy to be awakened and healing to take place.

A session takes place lying comfortably fully-clothed on the massage couch while the practitioner places her hands on or over the body so that this healing energy can be absorbed, balance restored and toxicity released. Healing can occur on four levels - body, mind, emotions and spirit.

It is very relaxing and calming. 

* I am unable to practise Reiki while Covid -19 restrictions are in place.